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Andrew Kayser Editions

The Manor (2023) Limited Edition Etching

The Manor (2023) Limited Edition Etching

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printed by Eleven Editions, Johannesburg

Edition of 6

printed area: 29.6 x 29.6 cm / sheet size: 46 x 39 cm

When will my artwork be shipped?

Please allow a lead time of 3-5 working days for preparation and packaging of artworks.

Every artwork is signed and numbered and is accompanied by a Certificate of Authentication that is signed and stamped by the Artist.

Care Instructions

Care and handling of your artwork: 

1. Never touch your artwork with your bare hands. 

Your skin has natural oils that can damage the surface of an artwork.  

2. Always frame an artwork (preferably as soon as possible) 

Once you receive your artwork, it is advised to take it straight to the framers (still rolled if possible). Framers are experts at handling artworks and will make sure that your artwork remains intact whilst it is framed and mounted. It is always exciting to receive a new artwork, but by removing it from its packaging straight away, it could get bent or damaged. 

3. Keep your artwork away from moisture 

Once your artwork has been framed, try to keep it away from any damp areas. It is not advised to hang artworks in or near bathrooms or any areas that regularly get steamy. This can damage the artwork. 

4. Try to protect your artwork from direct UV rays 

Although the materials used to create this artwork are designed to retain their colour and quality over time and are generally resistant to UV rays, they can still fade over time if kept in an area that is directly lit by the sun. 

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